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Flexibility Workouts

No one really LIKES to stretch. It's uncomfortable, right? That may be true, but it is OH SO IMPORTANT! Especially as you train super hard to become stronger and fitter. That's why we offer amazing Flexibility Workouts from Serious Yoga to 10 Minute Stretch Routines. We guarantee you will feel better after the very first class, and EVERY one after that!

Flexibility - Flexibility

Flexibility - FLEXIBILITY

If you are following along with the body changing workouts on Eternity Warrior Fit, then you need to stay limber. Our Flexibility Classes are designed as a Flexibility Workout For Athletes. Open up your joints and increase mobility in each super effective 25 minute session.

Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: None

Flexibility - Mobility Movement


Move and feel better after completing each amazing Mobility Movement class. Every one of these Mobility Workout Classes focuses on increasing mobility for the major joints of the body. Use common mobility tools like foam rollers, muscle recovery sticks, and stretch straps.

Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: Foam Rollers, Muscle Recovery Sticks, and Stretch Straps

Flexibility - Not So Serious Yoga

Flexibility - YOGA 101

If you have always wanted to try Yoga, but are not ready for a super serious, extra long class, then this Eternity Warrior Fit Yoga 101 For Beginners format is for you. We call it "Not So Serious Yoga" for a reason. Steve and Christina, your instructors/workout partners will take you through the basic poses in a shorter form, light hearted class. You will feel less tight and amazing after every the very first session.

Level: Beginner
Equipment Needed: None

Flexibility - Yoga

Flexibility - YOGA

Follow along with the Eternity Warrior Fit Vinyasa Yoga classes, to develop lean muscles and better flexibility. Heck, you just might create some inner peace as well. All of the classic yoga poses are utilized, and additional emphasis is placed on proper breathing. We challenge you to find better yoga classes anywhere! Feel and look better fast!

Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Equipment Needed: None

Flexibility - 10 Stretch

Flexibility - 10 STRETCH

If your muscles and joints feel achy or tight, you need a great Stretch Class. The Eternity Warrior 10 Minute Online Stretching classes take you through the safest and most effective stretches for every muscle group. Add 2 to 3 of these sessions a week to increase your flexibility and mobility. Feel and move better after the very first class - Guaranteed!

Level: Beginner
Equipment Needed: None